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Only 8% of the companies that McKinsey recently surveyed said their current business model would remain economically viable if their industry keeps digitizing at its current course and speed.

Increase productivity

Optimize equipment effectiveness and maintenance. Predict and prevent downtime for machines. Transition employees to higher value-add jobs.

Lower operating costs

Save on labor costs by increasing automation. The use of 3-D printers makes prototyping faster and reduces engineering costs, accelerating time to market and radically decreasing delivery times.

Increase scalability

Factory automation makes it easier to scale work, allowing the company to transition employees to areas of the business that add more value.

Elevate product quality

Monitor production in greater detail in real-time and at every point. This allows for greater quality control.

Improve customer relationships

The culmination of these four benefits is that a company will be able to serve its customers better, which means they purchase more and are “stickier”.

Take your company to the Next Level.

You need novel, cutting-edge business strategies to achieve success. You need high-impact tactics that deliver the results you want.

You need a bird’s-eye view of where to go, before you’ve ever been there. And you need connections.

So, work with someone who knows the territory. Who has the experience. Who brings the senior relationships.

AND provides the capital you may require.


PE / VC / Hedge Funds / Family Offices / Private Companies / Boards


Transitioning to Industry 4.0

Holistic Strategic Consulting

Financial Advisory: Capital Structure and M&A

Business Development at the C-Suite Level

Board of Directors Membership


Representative Engagements

Business development
  • Serve on the Advisory Board of a B2B services company. X can improve a client’s pre-tax profits by 2% to 4% on what is literally a risk-free basis because of X’s purchasing expertise. For several years, X had unsuccessfully tried to do business with one of the five leading private equity firms, Y. Although X has a roster of Fortune 500 clients, X could not make any headway with Y.
  • Called one of Y’s founders, whom I’ve known for 20+ years. X now has two of Y’s portfolio companies as clients on multi-million contracts, resulting from me explaining X’s value proposition, and anticipates obtaining contracts with other portfolio companies.
  • Made additional senior introductions, including to the the CEO of a large regional department store group, the CEO of a leading brewer, the CFO of a national consumer products retailer, the head of store development for a leading technology retailer and a member of the board of an ultra-luxury consumer products retailer.
Strategic review of portfolio of businesses and divestiture
  • Evaluated each of a multi-divisional company’s businesses: competitive position, profitability, management capability, opportunities, vulnerabilities.
  • Determined with management which divisions to sell, the tactics and the pricing.
  • Led the sales process and also represented the buyer in the sale of four divisions, including arranging the acquisition financing, which resulted in a smooth and expeditious purchase and sale process.
Acquisition analysis
  • Analyzed if a proposed acquisition made sense in the context of the company’s long-term objectives and its impact on the company’s profitability, cash flow and earnings volatility.
  • Appraised the acquisition and designed financing of the purchase.
  • Architected how to explain the transaction to the investment community.
Design of product positioning and marketing message

Advised the CEO and the President how to convey the value proposition of a digital media company to potential clients:

  • The logic flow for the communication
  • What differentiators and capabilities to emphasize
  • Appropriate phrasing to maximize emotional impact and efficacy
“Damage Control” with investment community

A company had put itself in a compromised position through conflicting statements that made it appear that management was either deceitful or incompetent.

  • Developed appropriate messaging to explain how certain statements were taken out of context.
  • Arranged meetings with key lead investors for management to explain the situation in depth and to restore credibility.

Solving challenging problems with a different approach…

I see what others don’t. I achieve what others can’t. I make things happen.

Case Studies

Saved a company from a potentially disastrous multi-year, multinational contract.

CEO of a leading multinational was poised to sign a multi-year, multimillion-dollar contract to transport a critical raw material from a developing nation to the US against a “take-or-pay” contract with an established US firm, until I noted that his company had no insurance against the exporting country, which had the potential to be very unstable, possibly failing to deliver the commodity.

Persuaded a CEO to go private vs. selling the company, so he could grow the company and realize a larger gain.

A CEO wanted to sell his company—which was on a very high-growth trajectory—in a multibillion-dollar transaction. However, I demonstrated that he could accomplish his true objective of achieving his family’s financial security by taking the company private, liquidating 80% of his holdings to have a diversified financial portfolio and rolling over the remaining 20% of his equity into Newco. He ran Newco for five more years, at which point the 20% he left in was worth far more than the 80% he liquidated in the sale to the ultimate acquirer.

Repositioned and marketed a stalled IPO successfully.

An IPO of a consumer products company was stalled since potential buyers didn’t see why they should buy when a very smart owner was selling, and the company was only #3 in its industry. I explained to institutions that the seller was a high-risk investor who aimed for returns of 40%+ vs. the buying institutions’ return objectives in the teens, so that he sold when his investments no longer met his return objectives. Next, I noted that the company actually sold increased EPS to retailers and that consumers purchased according to availability and not brand name. This consumer company had far fewer out-of-stocks and a higher inventory turn than its competitors since it rack-jobbed its products directly into retailers. The prime salesperson was the company’s CEO, who sold the concept of increased store sales to the CEOs of the respective retailers. Therefore, the company could scale and grow rapidly since it would be awarded entire territories of supermarkets as the sole vendor. Result: A successful IPO which increased in size and in price.

Restructured a previously unsaleable high-yield offering to successfully finance taking a public company private.

An MBO stalled since the high-yield market evaporated and the financing couldn’t be obtained. I observed that one of five international companies in the same industry would ultimately acquire the MBO because these companies could not enter the US on their own due to EPA considerations, so we sold the riskiest 20% of the MBO debt to a potential acquirer as a convertible. Since the owner of this 20% was an industrial acquirer, it “morally guaranteed” the MBO’s capital structure, since it would not let the MBO go bankrupt for strategic reasons. This corporate debt holder later converted its debt to equity when the MBO was finally sold, so that it won the subsequent auction (since it had paid the lowest price for 20% of the company and could afford to pay the highest price for the remaining 80%).

Designed a financial instrument to defer a substantial gain while locking in that profit for a Fortune 25 company.

A diversified Fortune 25 company wanted to sell its holdings in another company but wished to defer recognition of the gain until a future period, while also locking in the profits. I constructed a “deep-in-the-money” warrant, which would certainly be exercised because of its value, but the gain and taxation would be deferred until the exercise of the warrant in a future period.

Consummated a previously unsuccessful capital raise for an early stage company by demonstrating the value of its IP.

A pre-revenue, early-stage technology company couldn’t raise funding. I established that the value of its intellectual property far exceeded the amount of the financing, so that investors essentially had no risk in their investment. The company agreed that the purchasers would have a first lien on the company’s IP. The company was subsequently sold to a Fortune 200

Initiated the first joint venture between a Fortune 200 company and China.

This company wanted to significantly lower its raw product costs. I identified China as the best source and, with Richard Holbrooke, initiated and concluded a long-term agreement.

Convinced the Board of a leading consumer products company to expand into Africa despite its previous “no” vote.

The Board initially resisted establishing a subsidiary in an attractive foreign emerging market because the parent company would only own 40% of the subsidiary business. I then showed the Board that the parent’s 40% of that subsidiary’s profits divided by 100% of its revenues produced better margins than any of the parent company’s other subsidiaries globally.



  • Clients have included: public and private companies – domestic and foreign, early-stage companies, family offices, private equity firms, and venture firms
  • Conducted business on six continents
  • Worked at two multinational premier investment banks as an MD, a private merchant bank as a co-founder, a multinational private company, a multinational public company, integral to six early-stage companies.
  • Industries: agribusiness, business services, consumer products, consumer services, entertainment, hardware, intellectual property, manufacturing, media, software, telecom
  • Education: Harvard MBA/JD (Baker Scholar/cum laude), Princeton AB (summa), Churchill Scholarship to Oxford, Exec Ed: Harvard and Stanford

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