Critical Insights for a Challenging Future

You become the innovator, disruptor and market leader!

Coupled with the capital you may require.

The current environment is unlike anything in our previous experience. What are the most effective strategies, going forward?

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

ZeusThink has integrated Artificial Intelligence, Wargaming, Design Thinking and Industry 4.0 technology to provide a unified approach.

This combined inquiry yields unique insights, awareness and actions.

Each client faces different circumstances, so our approach is tailored to their distinct needs.

ZeusInsight quickly develops the base case

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Produces initial actionable insights within three weeks of receiving data.
  • AI subsequently scales, refining the output every day



  • Yields useful knowledge within four weeks.
  • A phase-one critique and recommendations are developed at approximately eight to ten weeks.
  • This initial strategy combines Wargaming + AI insights to create new business model(s) that begin to address the critical pain points.


Design Thinking and 4IR Technologies

  • Are then overlaid to implement and scale these new models.
  • The initial results of these multiple disciplines should produce an initial “base case” within twelve to fourteen weeks.
  • Successive updates and refinements will use a feedback loop and be scheduled on a custom basis.

Extraordinary Challenges.
Unparalleled Opportunities.

ZeusThink Provides a Two-Stage Solution

ZeusInsight / Offers an initial perspective on the new environment, its challenges and its opportunities. Improves viability and profitability in the short-term.

ZeusGrowth / Applies ZeusInsight findings to take advantage of this dynamic new order. Depending upon the company, ZeusGrowth can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Establishes strong and sustained competitive advantage.

ZeusThink is highly responsive and can provide rapid answers to new developments in virtually real time.

Wargaming assists businesses in evaluating potential alternative scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) extracts signals from any data source, structured or not, to alert companies to opportunities and anticipate customer needs.

We generate actionable insights to help you win and retain customers.

Recognized leader in creating game-changing business strategies using Design Thinking and 4IR analysis.

The CEO of a leading hedge fund recently observed that although most recognized leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution were at the 4.0 stage, ZeusThink was at 4.8 or 4.9.

Sustained Competitive Advantage 

Our teams are available to scale and provide depth and continuity.

We can craft and implement game-changing strategies—but only for a few companies.

Quality is essential, so we can only engage with a limited number of clients.

Custom-Tailored Solutions for an Uncharted Environment

Challenge / How to remain viable with sharply reduced demand and significant fixed costs?

Response: Most managers/owners/investors will likely apply traditional and dated tactics and strategies with limited effectiveness, which may potentially be counterproductive.

Opportunity / Use this disruption to develop creative and differentiated strategies.

Creative Edge / Relatively few managements/owners/investors will take this approach.

Required Capital / We’ve raised literally billions of dollars in the past through a network of long-standing relationships. We have an affiliated registered broker-dealer.

Sincerely believe that you might not know the best possible path and recognize that your ability to deal with “not knowing” is more important than whatever it is you do know.

Ray Dalio

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